Railway to Silence.

A powerful sound-absorber from up-cycled pvc.  Designed for railway stations, designed to protect passengers from excessive noise triggered by train brakes.

Railway stations also tend to be polluted environments due to the emission of brake dust, rust and oils: high-end plastics guarantee 100% resistance.

Thanks to the large perforations in the panel surface, brake dust becomes partially stored inside the acoustic panel and will be drained by rain into the track.

The flexible shell is relatively resistant to the impact of ballast stones. Le Difese® Platform panels can easily be exchanged or repaired: pvc restoration caps can be ironed (melted) into the skin

No need for complexe grounding or earthing.

Sound absorption level up to 16dB(A) thanks to the up-cycled polyester sound absorbing mats. Presenting hydrophobic, dirt-repellant and insect-proof properties.

The panels are firmly housed in stainless or galvanized steel brackets, resisting the severest dynamic loads. Brackets are designed by our ConCeptStudio according to the needs of each single project.

Panel and bracket are firmly secured by strong-duty couplings.

An expansion gap is provided between each panel, allowing it to expand or shrink due to exposure of sun.

LE DIFESE® PLATFORM meets the highest standards:

acc. EN1793-1:2017
acc. EN1793-5:2016
acc. EN16272-3-2:2014
acc. EN16272-3-1:2012
acc. EN1794-1:2018
acc. EN1794-2:2011
acc. ISO 9001

acc. EN14389

acc. EN14388

LE DIFESE® platform is beneficiary in many ways: 

self-extinguishing properties: LOI > 40%
resistant: ballast stones, ammonia, gasoline, oil, naphtha, NOx, rust.
large perforations: partial storage of brake dust
100% corrosion proof + grounding-free: up-cycled and recyclable plastic components
light-weight: easy-handling
smooth surface: dirt-repellent, anti graffiti
skin: mass colored, UV-resistant

Technical data sheets and more information on request.


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