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Building high-end and affordable noise barriers to block traffic noise.


Highway to Silence.


Fancy sound absorber based on PC. A blend of recycled polycarbonates are injected into a high-tech mould, providing a UV-resistant and strong shell. The interior is equipped with a sound absorbing polyester mat is hydrophobic and made from recycled bottles, acoustic performance from 12dB(A) up to 19dB(A).

LE DIFESE® WALL meets the highest standards:

acc. EN1793-1:2017
acc. EN1793-2:2017
acc. EN1793-5:2016
acc. EN1793-6:2018
acc. EN1794-1:2018
acc. EN1794-2:2011
acc. EN14389
acc. ISO 9001
acc. EN14388

LE DIFESE® WALL is beneficiary in many ways:

 low-carbon: up-cycled PC-ABS core
sustainable: life span > 40years
self-extinguishing (fire): LOI > 40%
resistant: chemicals (ammonia, gasoline, oil, NOx, etc.)
no grounding: plastics
100% corrosion free: plastic components
transparent: radio and radar waves
light-weight: easy manipulation
impact resistant: (ballast)stones
smooth & dens surface: dirt-repellent, anti-graffiti
UV-resistant: mass colored skin
– easy-to- install: (anodized) aluminium rail concept

Technical data sheets and more information on request.


LE DIFESE® WALL elements are beneficiary in many ways: 

ecological recycled polycarbonate core
sustainable life span > 40years
self-extinguishing fire
resistant to chemicals (ammonia, gasoline, oil, naphtha, NOx…)
grounding free plastics
corrosion free plastic components
transparent for radio and radar waves
light-weight easy to install.
impact resistant stones
Acoustic performance DLa 12/16/19dB(A)
mass colored skin
UV-resistant pastel colors
– anti-graffiti easy-clean
– easy to install 3 persons = 250m2/day


Business development in low-carbon noise reducing projects since 2010

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