Building high-end and affordable noise barriers to block traffic noise.

“Research shows that traffic noise increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

-source: EU-funded QUIET project-

Noise Block Projects | Henk Steenhoudt

Highway to Silence


Solicited in 2011 by a world-leader in the polymer industry, we agreed to bring the promotion and production of noise barriers based on recycled PVC to the next level.

Highlight was a major railway project in 2015 with 60.000 sqm of PVC noise barriers rolled out along several HST tracks in France. An important breakthrough for plastics, compared to more conventional materials like concrete or aluminium .

Despite years of presentable success, the board decided to reserve the recycled PVC compound entirely for the production of key products: extruding PVC window profiles.

After all, the noise-program had served its purpose: promoting low-carbon plastics. The business unit was about to be put to sleep, the supply chain was in danger.

We had to find a solution for our dealers, contractors and last but not least: designers.

An emergency scenario was rolled out to secure business in progress and many projects in the pipeline.

We came across an alternative product that would serve all stakeholders and actors active in the field. A meeting was set up with an Italian company, NOISE Srl., manufacturer of LE DIFESE: PVC noise  barriers.

Visiting NOISE Srl. was a circular eye-opener: high-end extrusion and injection moulding processes based on recycled PVC and PC-ABS compound. Low-carbon production techniques proved their ecological ambition.

Quality appeared to be more balanced than ever, whilst presenting innovative designs based on new technics like low-carbon water-printing

All in all, very sustainable products offering more value for money. 

We exchanged expertise and defined mutual goals, leading to personal commitments and a strong partnership.

We decided to roll out an consulting agency in consulting with the main focus on business and product development in the field of low-carbon noise barriers. Goal was to support manufacturers by presenting low-carbon plastics to the European market.

The supply of sustainable plastic noise barriers had been restored for all historic partners: a direct link had been established between manufacturer, investor and designer.

Noise Block Projects was born.



Sincerely yours,


Henk Steenhoudt


Business development in low-carbon noise reducing projects since 2010

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