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In 2011 I was solicited by a world-leader in the polymer industry. We agreed to bring their department of low-carbon noise barriers to the next level.

Main event was a major railway project (2015) when more than 60.000m2 of plastic noise barriers were rolled out along several HST tracks in the South of France.

An important breakthrough for low-carbon plastics when conventional barriers like concrete or aluminium dominated this field.

Despite years of presentable success, the board decided nevertheless to change course and use all recycled compound for the production of core products further reducing the carbon footprint of the factory.

The noise-program had served its purpose, putting many advantages of low-carbon plastics in the picture.

I decided to take action to continue the business: continuity for dealers, contractors and designers. An emergency scenario was rolled out to secure all business and projects in progress.

Finally I came across an Italian manufacturer of sustainable noise barriers based on circular plastics.

Their know-how and ambition were both familiar but also an eye-opener in the field of extrusion and injection-moulding.

Design, quality and global appearance of the finished products seemed even more balanced than anything I had seen before in the industry.

State of the art products, performant and sustainable (EPD certified!offering more value for money. 

We exchanged expertise and defined mutual goals based on trust and a reliable partnership.

Noise Block Projects, a consultancy agency in the field of acoustics was born.

The supply of sustainable plastic noise barriers for the West-European market was restored.


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Henk Steenhoudt


Business development in low-carbon noise reducing projects since 2010

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